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Vertical Close Board (VCB) fence in Congleton, completed on a beautiful sunny day.

AMC Fencing are a fencing and landscaping company located in Biddulph, Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire.

We can work Nationwide, but our main area of operations are North Staffordshire and Cheshire, covering towns including Congleton, Macclesfield, Alsager, Leek, Sandbach, Holmes Chapel, Middlewich, Northwich, Knutsford and Newcastle-under-Lyme.

We are a Professional, fully insured organisation providing our services to both trade and public. In addition to fencing and landscaping, we lay drives, garden decking, build walls, garden gates, even wooden gates that could be the entrance to a farmers field!

We pride ourselves in attention to detail and ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the work we do, and every Fencing job, every Landscaping project, every Patio and Driveway job is left clean and tidy before we leave.

Fencing projects

The image in the cover photo on this page shows a close board fence that we constructed in Congleton, finishing the job on a beautiful Summers day.

Red brick wall we built in Congleton, with wooden panels lying against the wall ready for fitting.
This image shows the wooden panels, with a curved top, fitted in place.

Bespoke Wooden Wall Panels Before and After

The two images above show wooden wall panels that we custom made to fit this wall that we built in Congleton. This job was a little unusual because we made these panels with a curve at the top. We feel that the finished product looks a little more stylish than straight panels.

Having our own workshop enables us to manufacture custom built wooden wall panels to fulfil any requirements our customer may have.

This wall also had an odd shaped panel made to fit the end space, because of the different levels of yard and pavement.

VCB Fences with Wooden Posts

VCB fence in Congleton that is broken.
Same VCB fence after we installed new wooden posts, and used most of the old panels to complete the fence.

VCB fence with wooden posts Before and After

The first image above looks a bit of a disaster, and also dangerous, so AMC Fencing to the rescue! We dismantled the old vertical close board (VCB) fence and put in new wooden posts, set in concrete. We then used most of the original fence panels, thus making huge savings for the customer; this demonstrates our ethos of doing a great job at the best possible price. You can tell from the shadows it was getting quite late, but we will work to get the job done while there is still daylight.

We hope you agree, the new fence looks great.

VCB fence in Biddulph, with a Trellis top.
Similar trellis VCB fence in Biddulph, with a gate.

Two VCB Fences with Trellis

The two images above are vertical close board fences (VCB) installed by AMC Fencing in Biddulph.

The first image is at the rear of a property in Gillow Heath, Biddulph. It is a VCB fence topped topped with a simple trellis, and constructed with concrete posts and concrete gravel boards.

The second fence is very similar, but separates the property from the adjoining field, and has an access gate into the field.

Waney Lap Fences Wooden / Concrete Posts

Two Waney Lap fences with wooden / concrete posts in Congleton and Biddulph Moor

The two images above show Heavy Duty (HD) waney lap fences installed by AMC Fencing in Congleton and Biddulph Moor.

The first image shows a waney lap fence in Congleton, topped with a simple trellis, constructed with concrete post and concrete gravel boards. This waney lap fence has the trellis element built into the fence panel giving the trellis more strength. It runs the length of the garden, and we used gravel so it sits nicely alongside the existing path.

The second image is also a HD waney lap fence in Biddulph Moor but built with wooden posts, so gravel boards are not used. This fence had to be stepped to take into account the uneven lay of the land.

We hope you agree, both new fences look really good.

Stepped Heavy Duty Waney Lap Fences

Stepped Waney Lap fence, and Waney Lap fence with double gravel boards

The first image above shows a HD waney lap fence installed by AMC Fencing in Congleton.

We had to step this fence to reflect the level of the land; also, note the different depths of the fence panels. A more extreme example can be seen in the footer of each page of this website; if you look closely, the footer image shows seven different levels, it is angled and goes around corners - all in a day's work for AMC Fencing!

The second image shows a waney lap fence on one level, but what is not quite so obvious, is this fence has double gravel boards, and rather than plain concrete, the gravel boards have a brick effect.

We hope you agree, both new fences look really good.

Post and Rail Fencing

Post and rail fences in Congleton / Holmes Chapel before and after

The two images above show a post and rail fence installed by AMC Fencing in Brereton.

The first image shows one of workers on his knees preparing the ground for the fence. This fence was built using 4 x 4 wooden posts, and 6 x 1 wooden rails.

The second shows the fence when we have finished.

Post and rail fence in Brereton

The two images above show the same post and rail fence viewed from opposite ends of the fence. This is a simple three bar fence to separate the property from the field.

The location is Brereton, which is between Congleton and Holmes Chapel, but with a Sandbach post code!